The Shooting Coach
The Shooting Coach


Since basketball was invented, players all over the world have had the desire to become better at the game.  Some players understand the importance of the perimeter game, and shooting the basketball, and have worked to develop their shooting capacity and accuracy.  These would-be shooters work countless hours hammering fundamental principles without truly understanding what they are executing due to limited visual feedback that is given from a brown or orange basketball.  Players focus on release, rotation, and follow-through without truly understanding what influence they are having on the ball.  These players, through sheer determination, lock into these principles; however, without true knowledge and understanding of these principle fundamental components a player's results are "hit" or "miss."  At this point the only way a player can measure their success in advancing their shooting potential is if the ball goes in the basket.  However, this form of feedback only helps a chosen few and does not provide all shooters with the information needed to make the required adjustments to receive the desired result of more made baskets.  To provide greater assistance to the shooter, a visual aid is needed to help them identify what is taking place when the ball is released on every shot.  A traditional basketball does not provide such feedback.  That is why “The Shooting Coach” was invented. 


"The Shooting Coach" is a basketball shooting training aid/device with a patented shooting method designed to assist players with consistent fundamental execution of every shot and the acceleration of their full shooting potential.   Unlike a regular basketball, The Shooting Coach consists of different visual components designed to provide the shooter with instant visual feedback.  This visual feedback assists the player with reading their current shot release and rotation with every release of the basketball in order to make the necessary adjustments needed to perfect proper basketball shooting mechanics...and thus, get the desired result of more made baskets. 


So invest in your game.  Be the threat!  Improve your perimeter and free throw shooting percentage...and be the go-to player!  Develop a shooters touch that can't be defended.  Improve your shooting and develop that time-honored tradition and start sinking shot after shot with your own "Shooting Coach" training basketball.   

Read your shot release, rotation and arch with your very first shot!

When you take home "The Shooting Coach" you take home your own personal shooting coach!  Here's what you get with your investment...

  • Your own personal shooting coach, The Shooting Coach (men's or women's/youth), that will give you instant feedback with every shot of this basketball shooting training aid (helps reinforce proper hand position, shooting form, shooting release, shooting rotation and arch).  Improves your perimeter and free throw shooting percentage.
  • The Shooting Coach Instructional Use DVD
  • Free "Shooting Coach" Drills Insert (included with shipment)
  • FREE 13 Minute Bonus Video - The Fundamentals of Shooting (included on TSC DVD)
  • FREE TSC Online Users Guide
  • FREE TSC Online Drills Page
  • Chest and Bounce Pass Development Benefit using TSC
  • FREE Access to The Basketball Shooting Coach Youtube Channel 
    (free basketball training and basketball shooting instructional videos)
  • Access to The Basketball Shooting Coach Instagram Page
  • Access to The Basketball Shooting Coach Facebook Page
  • Direct Message Access to The Basketball Shooting Coach
  • Access to upcoming Shooting Coach Camps/Clinics

Warning!  Results may vary based upon work ethic.  Fundamentals are not included.  Dedication is required and player improvement is only reserved for the dedicated!!!  So please consult your dedication level before using this product!  

Thousands of players from all over the United States, as well as overseas, are already perfecting their shot by implementing "The Shooting Coach" in their skill development workouts.  Purchased by customers in all 50 states and 8 countries.

Identify and eliminate the bad shooting habits that are affecting your release, rotation and results in minutes.  


$29.99 +S/H


Take your shooting to the next level with our patented basketball shooting training aid.  Available in men's (29.5") and women's (28.5"/Youth) sizes.  
$29.99 +S/H

Coming Soon!  Heavy Ball (2-3 lb) and Big Ball (34") versions.


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Bring back that time-honored tradition and become a skilled marksman from anywhere on the court.  Replace the high flying athletic skill of the slam dunk with a proficient and deadly long range jumper while being knockdown proficient from the free throw line.




$5-$10 +S/H 


Accelerate your skill development with our Game Elevation - Driveway Drills Individual Basketball Training e-Book Series on CD.  There are 7 eBooks in the individual basketball training series covering 11 basketball skills, with 175 training drills and over 800 drill variations...designed to assist every individual player with taking their game to the next level.   


Results may vary based upon work ethic.  Please consult your dedication level before purchasing this product.

Identify & Fix Bad Habits

Improve your shooting release, rotation and arch based on instant visual feedback with every release of the basketball. 


This feedback will permit you to make the necessary adjustments to your hand position, release, and/or follow-through in order to achieve correct release, rotation and arch on the basketball...thus, producing greater accuracy and more made baskets.  



Build Muscle Memory

The key to consistent release, rotation and arch is developed through proper practice and shooting repetition.  Once a player achieves a consistent release and rotation on a basketball and repeats this method for a period of time, he or she will form a new habit.  These corrections lead to better fundamental shooting form which in turn leads to better shooting thus resulting in the desired result of greater accuracy and more made baskets.  

Dominate with every Release

Great shooters are made...not born! In order for you to become dominate at the game of basketball as a prolific shooter you need to practice, practice, practice!


"The Shooting Coach" is the training tool you deserve in order to memorize the mechanics needed to master your shooting release, rotation and arch.  With these skills mastered the result will be greater accuracy and more made baskets.


"The Shooting Coach" helps reinforce proper hand position, form, release, rotation and arch...

and assists you in developing a shooters touch that can't be defended.  


Improve your shooting and free throw percentage...and be the go-to player!

“The Shooting Coach” is a basketball shooting training aid with a patented shooting method designed to help players accelerate their full shooting potential with every release of the basketball.

Dr. James Naismith

"The more I watch the game, the more I realize that while easy to understand and simple to demonstrate, it is nevertheless a challenge to skill.  It is only through thorough grounding in fundamentals and constant practice that championships are won."

- Dr. James Naismith, The Inventor of Basketball 
1939, The Rotarian Magazine 
Topic: The Challenges of Basketball

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