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What is "The Shooting Coach"?

"The Shooting Coach" is a basketball shooting training aid with a patented shooting method designed to help players accelerate their shooting potential by providing instant visual feedback with every release of the basketball.  


"The Shooting Coach" was invented and developed by 20-Year Veteran Professional Basketball Trainer, Coach Troy Sowders (Owner and Head Basketball Instructor of the Fundamentals Basketball Academy in Evansville, Indiana).

What does "The Shooting Coach" do?

"The Shooting Coach" is designed to teach and train players how to develop proper fundamental shooting elements with every release of the basketball.  This shooting training aid provides instant visual feedback in regards to release, rotation and arch. 

How does "The Shooting Coach" work?

When a player shoots "The Shooting Coach" they receive immediate feedback from the basketball as to what kind of release and rotation they had on that particular shot and what effect it had on the basketball.  That feedback proves to be valuable as that player strives to develop the proper shooters release and rotation.  A regulation basketball that is brown or orange in color will not provide a shooter with the information needed to make the necessary adjustments to develop a shooters touch on the basketball.  When "The Shooting Coach" is shot and feedback from the ball is obtained, the player can make the necessary adjustments to his/her hand position, release, and/or follow-through to achieve the correct release, rotation and arch on the basketball.  Once a player achieves a consistent release and rotation on a basketball and repeats this method for a period of time, he/she will develop a better shooting habit.  These corrections lead to better fundamental shooting form, which in turn leads to better shooting... thus resulting in the desired result of more made baskets.

How do you use "The Shooting Coach" basketball tng aid?

A shooter uses "The Shooting Coach" from the free throw line to develop the fundamental elements of a proper shot.  The primary fundamentals elements that are developed by "The Shooting Coach" are release, rotation, and the measurement of rotation in a set arc pattern.  The ball provides each shooter with the proper hand placement (i.e., pads and finger tips only on the ball, shooting hand index finger and middle finger split the valve stem in a "V" pattern, the off-hand fingers point to the ceiling, and the off-hand and shooting hand thumbs form a "T" pattern) needed to execute a proper shot.  Additionally, "The Shooting Coach" has identifying marks that provide the shooter with release and rotation feedback information relevant to that particular shot.  With that information in hand the shooter can make the fundamental adjustments necessary to develop the  proper release and rotation with every release of the basketball that is shot.


"The Shooting Coach" has a vertical line centered down the middle of the ball. This line is comprised of two elements:



1)  The WHITE VERTICAL LINE:   The white vertical line will help the shooter determine and develop the release element of their shot.  With a correct shooting release the WHITE VERTICAL LINE will remain VERTICAL.  Players who use off hand, off thumb, or turn their shooting hand will immediately see the basketball release pattern change (i.e., vertical line will wobble or ball will rotate sideways).  This change will not result in the desired release of  a VERTICAL LINE as the ball rotates to the basket.


2)  RED AND YELLOW ROTATION RECTANGLES:  The center vertical line is also comprised of yellow and red rectangular segments.  These segments help players determine the proper rotation on a basketball when shot.  If a player has proper rotation on a basketball the yellow and red rectangular segments will blend and turn orange indicating to the shooter proper rotation on the basketball.  Players who do not get enough rotation on the basketball will cause a knuckle ball effect (i.e., shooter will not see colors blend to orange and will still see distinct yellow and red rectangular segments).


The last defining element of the "Shooting Coach" is the white, pink, yellow, and orange quad panel segments.  These panels allow a player to measure how many times the ball rotates in a set arc pattern.  All players set their hands in the proper hand position setting on the white segment known as the starting position.  When the shooter shoots "The Shooting Coach" from the free throw line the ball rotates on its way to the basket.  A good shooter typical gets two (the ball rotates twice with TSC going into the basket on the second rotation with the white quad panel facing the shooter) to two and a quarter (the ball rotates two and quarter times with TSC going into the basket on the quarter rotation with the pink quad panel facing the shooter) rotations on the basketball when the player shoots from the free throw line.


[DATA OBTAINED FROM TESTING:  On average a good shooter will cause the ball to rotate one quarter turn about every two feet in a set arc pattern.]


Shooters will work on developing their shot (release, rotation, and arc) from the free throw line.  This set position eliminates all other shooting variables (i.e., body movement, dribbling, etc...) and allows the shooter to focus on developing strong release and rotation shooting skills.  "The Shooting Coach" will help all players, young and old, develop stronger shooting fundamentals on their way to becoming true pure shooters.  Once a player develops sound shooting fundamentals using "The Shooting Coach" from the free throw line they can then begin to utilize the online developmental drills page to advance their shooting potential.


NOTE:  We recommend that all players, once they have placed their hands in the correct hand position spots focus on the target while they shoot "The Shooting Coach."  This eliminates following the ball with your eyes when you shoot and allows you to stay focused on the target.  To accomplish this have a parent, coach, or friend watch your shot from behind and the side and give you the feedback information.  We highly recommend the use of video tape when using "The Shooting Coach."  Video tape (i.e., tape from the half court line and the side line) will allow you to watch for yourself what kind of release and rotation your shot has so you can identify and correct your current shot on your way to forming a better one.

How does "The Shooting Coach" cost?

"The Shooting Coach" cost $29.99 plus $15 shipping and handling.  Your order includes "The Shooting Coach" (Men's or Women's/Youth, Right or Left Handed Version), users DVD, an online Court Side Users guide, and an online Developmental Drills page.  Additional versions of "The Shooting Coach" may also be purchased from this site.  Version pricing will vary.  Please reference the   
Order Products page for pricing and shipping and handling charges. 


Additional discounts are available for coaches, large piece orders, and college or professional camps.  To discuss bulk orders e-mail us via our Contact Us page.

How do I order "The Shooting Coach" training basketball?

You have several ordering options.  You can order with a credit card or check via this web site at Order Products.  All online credit card and check orders are processed via PAYPAL.  PAYPAL has a safe and convenient method of ordering online.  

When will I receive my "The Shooting Coach" order?

All orders ship UPS Ground.  You should receive your order in within 7 to 10 business days once received. 

How do I check my "The Shooting Coach" order?

Once shipped you will be provided, via e-mail, with a UPS tracking number for your shipment.  To determine your shipping status go to the 
UPS HOME PAGE and enter your tracking number.  Your shipping and delivery status will be displayed on the screen. 

What is the refund policy for my "Shooting Coach" order?

Our goal is your total satisfaction!  If you are not satisfied, neither are we.  If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it in its original condition within 30 days of the day of purchase, and we we'll refund the purchase price of your order, minus shipping and handling cost, within 5 to 10 business days of your return.  It's that simple.  Just pay to ship your order back along with your receipt and all original packaging for exchange or refund.


Restrictions: Due to certain legal and health restrictions, books, videos, CDs, and DVDs are exempt from this policy.  30 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE 

How do I access "The Shooting Coach" online video, online users guide and online developmental drills page?

The web address for the online video, online user guide and online developmental drills page should be in your packet of information you received with "The Shooting Coach" when you ordered.  If you have lost the web address you can access those pages by clicking the desired link below:



I need assistance in getting started with using my "Shooting Coach" training aid?

If you have purchased "The Shooting Coach" and watched the video and are still in need a little more assistance feel free to contact us at and we will be more than happy to help you get started on the road to developing a better shooters touch.

I have started, now how do I elevate my shooting progression using my "Shooting Coach" training basketball?

If you have been using "The Shooting Coach" and are ready to take your shooting training to the next level then you should go to the online developmental drills page for more resources on drills and tips geared toward elevating your full shooting potential using your "Shooting Coach" training aid.  The web address for the online developmental drills page should be in your packet of information you received with "The Shooting Coach" when you ordered.  If you have lost the web address you can get there by clicking:



Can I schedule a "Shooting Coach" camp in my area?

Yes!  Contact Us for details on how to schedule a 1, 3 or 5 day "Shooting Coach" camp or clinic in your area.  Each participant would receive a "Shooting Coach" basketball shooting training aid plus DVD (a $35 value) with their camp/clinic fee.


What is required to schedule a "Shooting Coach" camp/clinic in my area?

If you are interested in having us come to your home town to conduct a "Shooting Coach" shooting camp...send us a request via our Contact Us page. 


We will supply you with the detailed information needed to set up a "Shooting Coach" shooting camp/clinic in your area.  All camp/clinic participants that do not own a "Shooting Coach" training basketball will receive a "Shooting Coach" basketball and DVD along with their camp fee registration.  Current owners of "The Shooting Coach" will receive discounted camp pricing (Current owners of "The Shooting Coach" must bring their own ball to camp daily to receive discounted pricing).  The host party/organization must guarantee a certain number of participants for each camp (required numbers will be supplied by our staff based upon details obtained during your inquiry).  The numbers required are based on the number of camp days requested, facilities available and distance to event.  



For all other questions and comments please e-mail us at


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