The Shooting Coach
The Shooting Coach


Yes, there are competing products on the market. However, a little comparison never hurt anyone. We have offered up our reviews on jump products for some time. Shooting videos continue to flood the market. Everyone wants to learn proper technique when it comes to shooting the basketball. There are even several balls on the market that introduce proper hand placement. So, this is not the first product of its type on the market. But, it is definitely one of the better products of its type. 


The shooting aid is a basketball that has several graphic delineations to allow for watching the flight of the ball. This a great method to instantly see the rotation of the ball and make the proper adjustments. The 40 minute video, in DVD video format, is broken down into several major sections.  Here is a breakdown of the major areas of the DVD. 


           Introduction to the Shooting Coach 15 min. 
This area goes into great detail describing the different graphic panels on the basketball. Individual chapters are designated for describing the 5 different graphics.  
                  1.White Vertical Release Stripe  
                  2.Red/Yellow Rotation Rectangles  
                  3.White Segment Start Point  
                  4.White/Pink/Yellow/Orange Quad Panels  
                  5.Hand Position/Placement 


Each area of the basketball is described in detail and the purpose behind each. The rotation rectangles blending to "orange" are probably the best feature. 


           Demonstration/Use 5 min.  
This area is a breakdown of variations of rotations that FBA has determined.  

                  1.Line Drive Bullet  
                  4."Wounded Duck"  
                  5.The Seam


Keep in mind that "the Seam" is the rotation to achieve. You will want to use the ball in all of your shooting drills after watching this 5 minute portion.


           Advanced Shooting Applications 5 min. 
The shooting applications is a well planned section. It includes introducing the need for the use of video for correcting bad habits. A nice breakdown in camera placement on the court is shown. You can see the need for a video camera at this point. 


           Fundamentals of Shooting the Basketball 13 min.  
A great lesson on proper free throw shooting fundamentals in 13 minutes or less. FBA has determined that there are 3 phases in gaining proper shooting alignment. These 3 phases are displayed in this section. This area of the video pays for itself.  A good breakdown for the proper mechanics of the free throw. 


           Available Products 2 min. 
Yeah, you can visit the website to see the products as well. But, a nice touch to display what exactly FBA offers. 


I appreciate the owner of the Fundamentals Basketball Academy, Troy Sowders, sending PowerBasketball the ball.  We have put it to use with some of our younger players and have seen good results. The "instant feedback" is great for younger players looking for that "instant gratification" of what is going right or wrong. Do yourself a favor and visit the website and order a basketball today. You might even consider purchasing several for your team. They even offer one of those oversized "Big" basketballs to help refine your shooting touch even more.


Please visit their online drill's guide if you are looking for drills to use with the shooting aid. You can also visit the online user's guide.  


Reviewed by

"'The Shooting Coach' has helped my shooting in many ways.  First off, when I first started playing, I had no spin (rotation) on my shot.  But after using 'The Shooting Coach,' I now have normal spin (rotation).  Secondly, I always had a 'chicken wing,' as my trainer would say, when I would shoot; and when he tried to explain it to me, I just couldn't see the problem.  Well he let me use 'The Shooting Coach' during our training session and then I understood why my 'chicken wing' was throwing off my shot."


 - N.C.  (Evansville, Indiana) 2/1/07 (Belmont University)


These kind of results are consistently being seen by students of the Fundamentals Basketball Academy.

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