The Shooting Coach
The Shooting Coach

Welcome to the Shooting Lab!

In our Shooting Lab you’ll find FREE basketball shooting drills, shooting technique insight, "Shooting Coach" user guide and skill usage drill videos and general basketball training videos designed to assist you with mastering the art of shooting the basketball and accelerating your full playing potential.  So get started now by selecting from the available resources below.  

Be sure to bookmark this page and invite your teammates, coaches and friends to also access all the free resources so they too can elevate their basketball skill level.  Also, be sure to sign up for "The Basketball Shooting Coach" e-mail newsletter to receive monthly alerts directly to your inbox chalked full of basketball skill development information designed to assist you with taking your game to the next level. 

Click one of the following links to see the video playlist:

The Shooting Coach - Basketball Skill Development


 Basketball Shooting Drills 


Basketball Shooting Footwork


Basketball Moves


"Shooting Coach" Drills & Tips - Coming Soon!


"Shooting Coach" Users Guide - Coming Soon! (see DVD)



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